What does LED modules mean? What kinds are there?

I believe everyone knows about LED. There are many LED lights in our homes. These lights not only give us light, but also save electricity. Do you know what an LED module is? I believe many people do not know it, so I will introduce it to you below.
LED module definition
LED module is a widely used product among LED products, and there are also great differences in structure and electronics. The simple thing is to use a circuit board and casing equipped with LED to become an LED module. The more complicated one is to add some controls, constant current source and related heat dissipation treatment to make the LED life and luminous intensity better.

The concept of LED module
LED modules are widely used products among LED products. They are also very different in terms of structure and electronics. A simple circuit board and a casing equipped with LEDs can become an LED module. The more complicated ones are Coupled with some control, constant current source and related heat dissipation treatment make the LED life and luminous intensity better.
What types of LED modules are there?
According to the color type, it can be divided into three types: single-color, colorful, and full-color single-point control. Monochrome is a module of a single color. Generally, red, green, yellow, white, etc. are more commonly used; colorful LED modules are A module product that can be transformed into seven different colors, it has more colors and is more changeable; the full-color LED module is richer than the colorful ones, and it can achieve true color changes, which is not only very beautiful, but also dynamic It is more eye-catching and more eye-catching. According to industry insiders, the LED modules of Shenzhen DeKingLED Lighting Manufacturer sell well.
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According to the power of a single LED, it can be divided into three types: low power (below 0.3W), medium power (0.3-0.5W), and high power (1W and above). High-power modules are brighter than low-power modules. , and the use time is also longer, which is the development trend of the entire LED lighting in the future and is more practical.
According to the sealing performance, it can be divided into two types: waterproof and non-waterproof. Waterproof and non-waterproof modules are mainly distinguished by the application environment. Generally, waterproof LED modules can be used for outdoor lighting and publicity. They will not cause problems due to water ingress and are more suitable for harsh environment applications. Waterproof modules are mainly used indoors. Of course, waterproof modules are also more expensive than non-waterproof ones.
According to the shape of the LED, LED modules are divided into: plug-in LED modules, piranha LED modules, and SMD LED modules.
What is the difference between LED module and LED matrix? Is it the same?
They are different LED packaging forms, suitable for different occasions and uses.
LED module applications generally refer to two types of products: one is a unit board made of plug-in lamps or surface-mount packaging, which is commonly used for outdoor door single red screens, outdoor full-color screens, indoor full-color screens, etc.; in addition, it is used for night decoration The light-emitting string is also called an LED module.
LED dot matrix refers to packaging 8*8 modules and then combining them into unit boards. Such unit boards are called dot matrix pixel boards, which are generally used for indoor single-color and two-color displays.
What does LED module mean? What kinds are there? After reading the above, I believe everyone knows the answer. You definitely don’t want to have so many types. You can choose what you need most. LED modules can give you more colors and make the dark world brighter.

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