Maintaining leadership in the cleaning franchise

Jim’s Group got off ground in very eventful circumstances in 1982, mowing lawns for those home owners who were too busy to keep their gardens spick and span. Jim Penman our founder helped them to keep their home gardens the way they wanted it when they came home exhausted after a difficult day at work.

This initial breakthrough into Home services, offered new Business Opportunities to the enterprising, energetic and hardworking Jim Penman. He found that people were at difficulties to balance a stressful office environment and come home and tend to their home gardens and other household chores.

The Business Opportunity was there and with that was born today’s World leader in Home Services, and Australia’s success story, the reliable, honest, transparent and with a high degree of integrity our own Jim’s Group.

Based on a unique Franchising model the business has grown to 3,200 Franchise holders in Australia as well as in four other countries. The Cleaning Franchise born in 1994, stepped into the leadership shoes immediately and has held the mantle steadfastly for many years now, and intend to hold on to it, into the future too.

With a fast ageing Australian population, and most households generating double incomes, the potential for increasing our power base by establishing  additional Franchisees we would be strategically placed to increase our market share.

We are offering unprecedented terms of partnership to prospective Franchise holders to join us in this very profitable and enjoyable business. You have to enjoy what you doing before it could be turned into a profitable business venture. You should have the passion and drive to succeed, with above average man management skills to hold your team together and motivate them to carry the three decade old Jim’s business acumen forward.

It is a long lasting relationship and not one you could call it a day after a few years down the road. It is not a business model that we intend closing up and leave our three decades old business to chance. It is not that we are going to hang a notice on our front door which would say, Business for sale one day. Jim’s Group is here to stay and stay it will, serving the Australian community forever.