What To Remember If Thinking About Reusing A Shipping Container

The notion of reusing some of the thousands of shipping containers sitting idle at harbors around the world is an attractive idea for many people. Many interesting projects have been undertaken, and shipping containers can be turned into cafés, homes and even saunas. It can sometimes be easy to get caught up in an idea without considering the practical issues; this article identifies some things for you to consider, before using a shipping container as a part of a project.

Consider Location

Unless you live close to a harbor or port, it may cost a good amount of money to ship the container to where you are. You would then need to transport the container to where you wish to use it, and this would entail the hiring of an appropriate truck and trailer. However, it may be possible to have the container picked up and delivered to you for a modest charge, it is worth checking the small businesses in the area to get a price.

Breaking Into The Container

Assuming that you can arrange for the delivery of a shipping container to your property, there are one or two things to consider. The most practical issue is that the container is likely to be secured shut; you will have to break into your own container. This can be a bit of a lengthy job, as the containers are, of course, designed to be secure. Usually, a blow torch can help you get in.

Stripping And Painting

Before the container can be used as a part of a project, you will have to remove the paint and repaint it. Shipping containers are regularly sprayed with chemicals to protect the paint, so this will have to be stripped off. You would then need to prime and repaint the container so that it fits into your intended project.

Temperature Control

People can forget that if, for example, they are sitting in a café made from a shipping container, a decent amount of work has to go into maintaining the temperature of the container. Cold weather outside means freezing conditions inside the container, while warm conditions outside means it would be uncomfortably hot inside the container. If you are planning to use the container to allow other people to walk through it or sit/stand inside it as part of your project, you will need to spend some time on insulating and ventilating the container properly.